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Taking Your Meeting Online

Select An Online Space

  • ACA does not endorse any specific platform

  • Online platforms vary in cost and features

  • The following is  a list of platforms that other ACA meetings have used to take their meetings online. 

  1. Zoom

  2. Google Hangouts Meet via Gsuite

  3. Skype

  4. Free Conference Call

  • ACA groups in the NE US Region may signup to use the Region Zoom account

Get Your ACA Meeting Materials Ready

  1. Laundry List - p. 587

  2. Problem - p.589

  3. Solution - p. 590

  4. 12 Traditions - p. 592

  5. 12 Steps - p. 586

  6. 12 Promises p. 591

Things To Consider

The following is a list of ideas that other ACA groups have utilized.  Every ACA group is autonomous and ACA as a whole does not endorse nor dictate how groups address the following topics.

  • 7th Tradition

  1.  Treasurer has an online account such as PayPal or Venmo

  2.  Distributions are made to Intergroup (60%), Region (30%), WSO (10%)

  • Online Storage of Meeting Documents

  • Submitting your online meeting information to the NE US Region, WSO, and your Intergroup so other ACAs can find an online meeting to continue their recovery.

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