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Suggested Meeting Practices

1.  Follow a script (ACA sample script)

  • It makes it easier for members to lead a meeting​

  • It prevents the meeting chair from improvising and going off topic

  • It creates a stable and predictable environment, something that was missing from many ACA's homes of origin

  • It creates a consistency between ACA meetings across the world

2.  Don't crosstalk

  • Crosstalk is interrupting, giving advice, making comments about another person’s share, or making distracting noise during sharing time.

  • We do not cross talk because as adult children we come from family backgrounds where feelings and perceptions may have been judged as wrong or defective.

  • Today we accept without comment what others say because it is true for them. 

3.  Use a timer during shares

  • Contributes to a sense of equality

  • Allows more members to share

  • Prevents any one individual share from dominating the meeting


4.  Rotate service positions

  • Positions are filled by rotating trusted servants rather than long term leaders

  • Doing service is part of recovery, rotation allows more members to participate

  • Can invigorate a meeting (prevent it from feeling stale)


5.  Make newcomers feel welcome

  • Makes the newcomers feel part of the group

  • Contributes to a safe environment

  • Encourages newcomers to come back and continue their recovery journey


6.  Hold a group conscience meeting (regularly)

  • Allows everyone to have a voice in how the meeting is run

  • Provides an environment to conduct business and resolve differences of opinion

7. Hold an annual or semi-annual group inventory

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